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"Item Five"

"Item Five" is in The Write City Review, Volume Four, 2023; and in The Write City Magazine, April 2021.



Cleaver Magazine published "Undone" in 2020.


Certain Angles

Scoundrel Time published "Certain Angles" in July 2019.



The Price Of A Pony

The Running Wild Anthology of Short Stories, Volume 1, included "The Price of A Pony" in 2017, and chose it for their Best of 2017 AWP edition.

Into The Ditch

"Into the Ditch" was published by Cooweescoowee literary journal in 2016.

Basil, Pasta, A Little Mozzarella

Penumbra published "Basil, Pasta, A Little Mozzarella" in 2015.